Antique Wood Doors & Window Sashes

We carry a large inventory of antique doors generally 1850 and earlier vintage. They include the standard 2 and 4 panel with the thumbnail panel surround to the flat/beaded panel style. We will not be listing our entire inventory but expect to list only that which is unusual, special or hard to find.

If you have a specific size or need please feel free to contact us.

Circa 1895 Leaded Glass Eyebrow Window

Exceptional large size: 9'-5"L x 19-3/4"H x 1-3/8" Excellent dry condition needs minor reglazing Maintains all original wavy glass, no cracks


12 Lite Large Scale Window

36-1/2" x 56-1/2" x 1-1/4"


Interior Bi-Fold Window Shutters

Circa 1860 Maine origin. There are ten two door sections as shown which were actually one half of the set for each window (came off of five windows). Overall 18" x 27"H

$40.00 per section or $325.00/Lot

French/Foyer Doors Set

Matched pair each measure 24" x 92-1/2"H x 1-3/4" Fourteen lines glass size 9-1/2" x 11-1/2"


Circa 1840 Exterior Door

Incredible survivor measures 36"W x 77" H x 1-3/4" Six panel Exterior was never painted, beaded board interior retains the original red Original hardware except the strap hinges are present- see photos


Vintage Half Round Fanlight Window with Frame

Rough opening 37-1/2" W x 22" H Comes with original screen



Vintage Half Round Fanlight Window Sash

36" Diameter x 18" Radius x 1-1/2" thick


Twenty Light Single Sash

50" H x 52-1/4" with 9"x 11" glass size


Vintage Exterior Door

Circa 1920 measures 36" x 80" x 1-3/4" Four lite glass, very good plus condition Set up for right hand swing



Reproduction Three Panel Cupboard Door (Cup-H)

26-1/4"H x 24"W Full mortise and tenon as original


18th C Georgian Cupboard Door (CUP-G)

18" x 44-1/4"


18th C Georgian Cupboard Door (CUP-F)

16-1/2" x 39-3/4"


18th C Georgian Cupboard Door

Retains its original brass hinges 16-5/8" x 35-5/8"


18th C Georgian Cupboard Door (Cup-D)

18-1/4" x 45-1/4"


18th C Georgian Two Panel Cupboard Door

Fully stripped and cleaned ready for finish
18-1/4" x 62-1/4"


18th C Georgian Cupboard Door (Cup-B)

23-1/2" x 54-3/4"
Will dry scrape to original bayberry/teal color see photos


Pennsylvania Barn Loft Door Set

Measure 68" W x 65" H with original hand forged hinges H inges are 40" x 2-1/2" with a 3/4" pintle hole

Door Set $500.00
Will sell hinges only $250.00

New Old Stock Sash

Great aged appearance made of cedar Measures 19-1/4" x 40-1/4" x 3/4" Glass size would be 6-3/4" x 10-3/4"


New Old Stock Sash

Great aged appearance, made of cedar Measures 23" x 52-3/4" x 3/4" Glass size would be 8-3/4" x 11"


Multi-Lite Sash

23-3/4" x 48" x 1-1/2"


24 Lite Sash

54"H x 60"W x 1-1/2"



18th Century Four Panel

Strap hardware still in place 30-1/2" x 74" x 7/8"


18th Century Four Panel Interior Door

With original strap hardware 30" x 75"


Circa 1900 Metal Fanlight Window

Building code for wind calculations make this large scale window fully compliant. From a masonry building,the glass sections are each beautifully beveled. Overall measurements are 93" radius x 48"H x 3-1/2" flange fully adaptable to wood frame construction/installation.


Circa 1820 Massachusetts Fanlight

Period piece measures 34" x 17-1/2" x 7/8"



Fanlight Window Sash

35-1/2" x 20" x 1-3/4"


Architectural Remnant

From a dismantled 18th century house in COLCHESTER,CT is this section of exterior sheathing from the attic portion of the dwelling. Great wall hanging country artifact. Measures 30"W x 41"H


Colonial Cupboard Doors Set

Matching pair with rabbeted center joint measure 25-1/2"H x 22"W overall (both) Single door measures 13-1/2"W x 26-1/2"H

Set $125.00

18th Century Four Panel Interior Door

HL hinges with added door knob/restorable to original 30-1/4" x 77" x 7/8"


Circa 1930 Reproduction Four Panel Exterior Door

Early colonial era thumbnail profile styling Pine, mortise and tenon construction in excellent condition. 36-1/2" W x 77" H x 1-3/8"


Circa 1830 Flat Panel Exterior Door

Two matching in excellent condition due to both doors being in protected areas during their original use. Each door measures 34" W x 77-1/2" Height x 1-3/4" Both doors have operational elbow lock sets


Circa 1930 Cupboard Facing

Glazed door with pair of lower doors. Takes a 28" corner. 18" deep at center. Removable top cornice section, measures 38" wide x 80" height


Victorian Entry Door Set-Circa 1870

Original condition with original glass. Holes drilled for later hand/locksets. Overall width 54" (4'-6") Overall height 84" (7'-0") Each door measures 27" W x 1-3/4" thick Bottom stile is 8-1/2" (trim-able) to reduce height without spoiling the appearance.


Circa 1850 Leaded Glass Side Lights

Matching pair each measure 13" x 55" x 1-3/8" One sash is damaged but repairable---priced accordingly See photos



Matching Pair 15-Lite Sash
19" x 48" x 1-1/4" in excellent condition

$180.00 Pair OR $100.00 each

Vintage Reproduction Pine Four Panel Doors
25+ year old mortise and tenon construction, double-sided
Two matching, each measures 30-1/2"W   x   84"H   x  2-1/4" thick
Ideal for barn or pocket door application



Half Round/Radius Sash -Large Scale
6'-2" bottom chord
33" center height
This sash is complete except for a minor repair necessary to the radius at the bottom chord (see photos)

Vintage 24 Lite Sash 
34"H    x    44"W   x  1-3/8" thick
Solid, no broken glass
Front and reverse sides shown. Ideal for barn or outbuilding.



Vintage 20 Lite Sash  
44" W    x   50"H   x   1-3/8" thick
Solid, no broken glass
Front and reverse shown



Vintage Cast Iron Window Grates (Pair)
Matching pair of architectural window grates each measure 15"H  x  27"W
One has a removable grille/grate. Ideal for a wine cellar or garden shed setting.
Minor dings and chips commensurate with age----see photos.



18th Century Two Panel Cupboard Door
Eastern Massachusetts excellent condition
Original Cast Iron butt hinges still in place
Measures 20-3/4




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