Antique Beams

18th Century Oak Summer Beam

Excellent condition. No deflection. Measures 7”H x 12-1/2”W x 13”-11” shoulder to shoulder. Dovetail tenons are 4” long at each end. 8 joist pockets per side are 3”W x 4”H. No moulded decoration. Incredible amount of work to extract/salvage such an item.


Weathered CEDAR Pole

7” x 22’L previously used as a clothesline pole. This very solid pole is ideal for a Martin House or other vintage yard or garden application. Being cedar, there is a lot of life left in this wooden item.


Vintage HOLLOW Sycamore Log Section

This item has incredible presence and artistic eye appeal, especially with the knot holes as shown. Collected by the previous owner over 40 years ago. It is dry, solid, and bug free. Measures generally 22” wide x 39” H. In earlier days these hollow logs were crafted into storage barrels/containers. Many possible uses.


19th Century Wheat/Grain Threshing Bar

This wooden artifact was hinged at the hole shown and the other end was the “handle”. This was used in a knife blade fashion to thresh/beat grains from cut stock. Nice worn patina. Measures 8” at the wide end and 6” at the handle end x 2” thick. Nice wall hanger…..agricultural artifact. 


19th Century HAND HEWN Beam Stock (NH-J)

Exceptionally clean hand hewn and adzed Northern Hard Pine beams which measure 8” x 8”. See photos for surface appearance. Current availability: Seven 27’-0”, one has numerous lap joints 1/14’-3” 2/11’-11” 1/11’-0” 1/10-7” 2/13’-10” 1/13’-2” 


Circa 1820 Hand Hewn Oak Beam Stock

Crisp edges, minimal mortise holes. Follow link for available sizes.    

Price varies by size 

Circa 1820 Oak Summer Beam (MTV)

Crisp hand hewn vintage timber measures 6-1/2” x 10” x 15’L Eight 3” x 3” joist pockets on each side spaced at 22” on center. Tusk tenon on one end and dovetail at the other.


Circa 1920 Porch Raiing Sections

As shown, nice vintage look for many decorative applications. Five sections available: 86”, 53”, 53”, 80” and 98-1/2”= 30 Linear Feet. All are 23” high.

Entire Lot: $300 or $12/LFT Choice

Antique Hand Hewn Beams
4" x 11" x 16' length of Black Spruce (Northern Maine)
These were never nailed or mortised as they were simply laid across barn framing to create a loft floor.
Fifteen (15) pieces currently available.


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