Antique Flooring/Antique Board Stock

We sell batches of quality antique flooring salvaged from the New England area, including chestnut, oak and pine.

If you don't find what you are looking for, we recommend the Old Wood Workshop, also located in Connecticut. This small business specializes in original (not resawn) antique and wide board flooring, primarily from the 18th and 19th century.

NEW Wide Pine Stock

Professionally milled, sound tight knots (STK) white pine boards in 8’,12’, 14’ and 16’ lengths. Boards are 15”-17” wide. This was installed as flooring but can be used is wainscot, vertical or horizontal wall boards. 3/4” thickness. 305 square feet:


18th Century WIDE Hard Pine Flooring

Wethersfield, Connecticut circa 1764. This is a single room lot. The lengths and widths are in the attached photos. Most boards are 15” wide and 15’-4” long. Exceptionally clean, flat, in an incredible color/patina. 250 square feet plus 20 SFT shorts.


19th Century Oak Flooring

An assembled batch of cleaned and ready to use square edged stock. Up and down sawn. Widths 5-1/2” to 9” and 10’-14’ lengths. Sold as one batch only, liberally measured. 400 square feet


18th Century WIDE Oak Flooring

Professionally cleaned and ready to use. These are from an Eastern Connecticut 1760’s house. The 21 boards in this grouping are a full one inch thick. The present dry look is incredible. They would also finish very well. The general groupings measure: 1) 10’-8”L x 8’-0” 2) 9’-6”L x 10’-6” 3) 11’-2”L x 5’-0” 4) 30” x 84”L and 15” x 168”L= 305 SFT


18th Century WIDE PINE Flooring/Sheathing

This is an incredibly clean batch of up and down sawn, ship- lapped wide pine stock just over 9’-0” in length. Widths are 11”-16” x 1” thick. Great honey color. This is ideal for vertical wall sheathing or use again as flooring. It was originally attic flooring. Eastern Connecticut origin. Four shorter boards are 82”L.

175 square feet. $3,100

18th and 19th Century OAK Flooring

Fully cleaned and ready to install. Widths are the typical 8”- 15” x 1” thickness. Lengths up to 16’. The photo shows this material with two coats of a high grade oil-based finish.


18th and 19th Century Pine and Hard Pine Flooring

We have acquired a large collection of professionally cleaned and prepped for installation flooring as exemplified in the photos. Current availability is:

Hard Pine 8”-14” widths, 1990 square feet, @ $18/square foot
White Pine 8”-14” widths, 3,500 square feet, @$16/square foot
Minimum purchase 100 square feet 

18th and Early 19th Century Extra WIDE PINE Board Stock

This grouping of boards has been professionally cleaned and prepared for ready use. The listing shows the length, width and square footage of each board in the group. The total is 405 square feet. It is offered as one lot OR selected. One board in particular is 28” wide x 15’-3”L


Circa 1860 Hard Pine Flooring

Massachusetts origin. Early circular sawn. Over-nailing holes. Power washed. This has an incredible original finish surface that you may choose to leave intact. Otherwise the 7” - 13” width boards are a full one inch thick to accommodate an aggressive sanding. The lengths are 3’ to 12’-6” as extracted from a single room and a hallway. 340 square feet 


Wide Pine Flooring (LPNT)

A 1960’s vintage same source grouping. The surfaces show expected wear giving a pleasing look. Widths are 12” - 17” and lengths are mostly 12’ - 15’. Consistent 3/4’ thickness with low nail permeation. 620 square feet


Antique Pine LIVE EDGE Subfloor/Dustboards/Roofers

Circa 1840 pine live edge, up and down sawn material. Width average 10”-12” x premium 16’ length. A generous 7/8” thick which renders it usable as roofers. Flat and clean with desirable honey brown coloration. 525 square feet 


White Pine Flooring/Board Stock (SUND-A)

450 square feet of fully cleaned square edged flooring/board stock. 8”-12” widths x 10’-12’ lengths. High quality. Sold as one lot only.


WIDE BOARD Wainscoting/Flooring

Outstanding professionally cleaned and prepared collection of wainscoting boards. Generally 7/8”-1” thick x 20”-24” wide x 13’Length. Many boards are perfectly clear. They are all vintage up and down sawn White Pine. Very flat, several with outlet hole cut-outs as seen in photos. 22 boards presently available. Sold individually or entire lot 475 square feet.


Vintage Pine Flooring

This is a highly unusual offering by our company. We generally sell flooring or board groupings in designated batches. We have obtained over 5,000 square feet of professionally cleaned and prepared material that you can pick and choose ANY AMOUNT. Widths are 8”-14” up to 16’ lengths. Much of this stock is cabinet grade.


Antique Northern Hard Pine Flooring

This is a professionally cleaned and ready to install package. The boards lay flat and have square edges. Widths are 8”-16” x 8’-16”L (mostly in the 12’-13’ length). They are up and down sawn. 7/8”-1” thick. The one photo is a prime example of the quality.


Superb Width Antique Pine Flooring

This high quality grouping has been professionally cleaned and is ready for your installation. Widths are 14”-22” x 14’- 17’ length. Nice foot worn surface but not worn out. This quality is more and more difficult to source. 364 square feet


Eastern White Pine Flooring

Superb, cleaned grouping which is ready to install. 8”-16” widths x 13’-16’ lengths. Up and down sawn, Eastern Connecticut circa 1830. 600 square feet


Circa 1850 PREMIUM LENGTH Brown Board Stock (NHP)

Up and down sawn in the highly desirable golden honey color. The stock has been power-washed and de-nailed. 280 square feet are 17’-6” L, 208 square feet are 12’-13’ length and 200 square feet are 4’-9’ length. All boards are 10”-13” wide and a full one inch thick. These were vertical roof sheathing which has been covered by metal for over 40 years. 688 square feet total.


WIDE and LONG LENGTH Brown Board Stock (NHP-2)

Loft flooring stock from an 1850’s/early 1900’s two-section New Hampshire barn. Widths range from 8” to 18”, mostly in the 14-15” width. Most lengths are in the 14’-16’ range with many boards 17’-19’ length. All boards have been power-washed. A high quality grouping.


18th Century WIDE PINE Flooring

Ship-Lapped hard pine and white pine from a single source. Nice and flat with less than 10 boards having light paint.  655 SFT


Circa 1800 White Oak Flooring (NOR-1)

Freshly extracted flat, unpainted batch in a scrubbed/light color. This can be oiled/stained to blend with other oak of that vintage. 14’-6” and 13’-2” lengths. All 7”-12” widths.130 square feet


Circa 1830 Wide Pine Sheathing/Flooring (Brown Board)

Exceptionally nice and flat 12”-16” x 15’-6”L of up and down sawn vertical barn sheathing that is a full one inch thick. 700 SFT are the long lengths and 340 SFT are 6’-9’ lengths 1040 square feet total. Sold as single lot only.


Circa 1830 Hard Pine Flooring

Painted, up and down sawn, northern hard pine room lot. Boards are a full one inch thick x 14’-4” length except for the 40 SFT of shorts shown which average 4’-6”L . Widths 11”-15” wide. Nice and flat and are reversible if desired.

220 SFT $2,400

18th Century Oak Flooring

Small lot of 6” - 13” wide stock from 3’ length to 12’ length. Ideal for repair stock or added to another lot for blending. No paint. 160 square feet


18th Century LONG Pine Flooring

This batch originated in Bristol, Rhode Island. HARD TO FIND LONG LENGTHS. 2/3 of this group are 17’-19’ long. The rest are 12-6” and 8-6”. All are in the 13”-18” width x full one inch thick. No paint. 380 square feet


18th Century Oak Flooring Lot

Salvaged as part of a house dismantling in Lebanon, Connecticut in 1973. Hard to source second floor and attic stock with low nail permeation. Nice flat board stock in 9” to 15” widths. Wonderful dry original surface. 325 square feet plus extra


Circa 1850 WIDE BOARD Pine Sheathing/Flooring

Eastern white pine ship-lapped rough face stock. This lot is all 14” to 23-1/2” wide x 7/8” thick. Solid, bug free and flat. 9’ to 15’ lengths. This can become flooring as it is the same stock as the flooring from this dwelling house source. 315 square feet 


1854 Pine Attic Flooring

Eastern Massachusetts origin. This is a very clean, up and down sawn, 4”-12” wide x full 1” thick stock. It is unpainted, light nail holes and is a wonderful chocolate brown color. The majority of this batch is 12’ length and 14’ length. The tally stated does not include about 20 SFT of 24”-30” length boards which will be part of this offering.


18th and Early 19th Century WIDE White Pine

Exceptionally clean/fully processed and READY TO INSTALL. Original surface material, up and down sawn, which is all New England sourced. Widths 10”-16” x 10’-16’ lengths. Large quantity is available beyond this listing.

CALL with amount required. $18/square foot

Early 19th Century WIDE BOARD Hard Pine

Exceptionally clean/fully processed and READY TO INSTALL. All New England sourced. Widths 10”-16” x 10’-16’ lengths. Large quantity is available beyond this listing. This batch consists of 1100 square feet.

CALL with amount required. $18/square foot

Circa 1850 Northern Hard Pine Flooring

Early circular sawn batch of 6”-8” wide, light painted. Massachusetts origin. The photo is of the same earlier (1825-1835)and wider flooring. Lengths are about 50% 8’ and 50% 11’-12’. Square cut nailed. 275 Square Feet


Circa 1840 Wide Pine Flooring

Up and down sawn 12”-15” widths x mostly in the 12’ length. Ship lapped, full one inch thickness. Power washed with great coloration. There is a 280 SFT batch of square edged also listed that is from this same source that would blend perfectly. This batch is 385 square feet.


Circa 1880 Red Clay Hearth/Flooring Tiles

Worn patina, tiles measure 9” x 9” x 1-1/4” 170 pieces available = 95 SFT (tight coverage), spacing adds to coverage.

$9 Each for entire lot
$12 each/select amounts

Tulip/Poplar Wide Board

Full 1-1/8” thick x 16-1/2”W x 14’-10”L= 20 SFT



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