Antique Fireplace Mantels

The heart of a vintage home is the hearth and fireplace. What surrounds that area is not only a statement of period but an expression of style and refinement at one end of the spectrum and of simple utility at the other. We try to cater to those needs. Mantles were custom built around the firebox, so they were very specific to each opening. To retro-fit a mantle into a restoration or an adaptive re-use scenario is a challenge to which we have risen on numerous occasions.

Take a look at our inventory----we have included pertinent measurements. We also stock period mouldings and vintage lumber to custom build if an original is not readily available.

Circa 1830 Federal Pine Mantel (GLAST-SUN-1)

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. Overall width 61-1/2” Overall height 56-1/2” Body width 52” Firebox aperture 38”H x 41”W Mantel depth 7” Leg width 5-1/2”


Classic Pine Mantel

1960’s well-executed reproduction. Stained, never painted. Overall height 52” Overall width 71” Body width 62” Firebox aperture 35”H x 44”W Mantel shelf 8” wide Leg width 8”


Circa 1800 Mantel Legs PAIR

From the Christopher Manwaring house (New London,CT)dismantled in 1967. 10”W x 51”H. Easily utilized to make your custom sized mantel. One coat of paint.


Circa 1900 VICTORIAN Mantel (NTHMP)

Medium scale, high style, recently removed from a remodel in Northampton, Massachusetts. Appears to be of oak construction. Solid condition. Overall height 49” Overall width 60” Body width 56” Firebox 36”H x 43”W Mantle depth 12” Leg width 7”


Classic Custom Greek Revival Mantel

We don’t usually offer non-period/reproduction items but this mantel is extraordinarily well done. Overall height 62” Overall width 79” Leg width 7-1/4” Firebox aperture 39”H x 58”W Mantel depth 10-1/2” Body width 72”


Victorian Marble Mantel Shelf

Measures 8-1/4”W x 54” x 1-1/8”. Staining will clean if desired. Ideal for a custom shelf application. Suggestion: This would look extremely nice with a pair of cast iron shelf brackets.


Circa 1810 Pine Mantel (BRIS-M2)

Simple form, Bristol, Rhode Island origin Overall height 46” Overall width 56-1/2” Body width 55” Mantel depth 5” Leg width 4-1/2” Firebox 31-1/2”H x 46”W


Late 18th Century Pine Mantel (BRIS-M1)

Bristol, Rhode Island origin. One small left corner mantel shelf chip as shown. Light paint. Unusual wide frieze. Overall height 56-1/2” Overall width 68” Body width 59-1/2” Mantel depth 6” Leg width 7” Firebox 31-1/2”H x 46”W


Circa 1840 Pine Mantel (RH-2)

Classic styling, simple elegance. Chip carved floral decoration. Excellent condition. Rocky Hill, Connecticut origin. Overall height 56” Overall width 71” Body width 60-1/2” Leg width 7” Firebox aperture 38”H x 46-1/2”W Mantel depth 7-1/2” See lead edge profile in photos


Circa 1840 Pine Mantel (RH-1)

Classic styling with dentil frieze. Excellent condition. Rocky Hill, Connecticut origin. Overall height 54-1/2” Overall width 73-1/2” Leg width 7” Mantel depth 7-1/2” Firebox aperture 37-1/2”H x 50W Body width 64”


Federal Revival Mantle (EH-2)

Connecticut, pine, circa 1939 vintage. Nicely executed balance and form. Several coats of paint once removed will reveal sharper detail. Overall height 53-1/2” Overall width 71” Body width 60” Leg width 6” Mantle depth 7” Firebox aperture 37”H x 48”W 


Circa 1850 Pine Parlor Mantle (NH-J2)

Simple elegance in a practical design. New Hampshire origin. Overall height 50” Overall width 64” Body width 52-1/2” Firebox aperture 35”H x 44”W Mantle depth 6-1/2” Leg width 4-1/2”


Circa 1850 Federal Pine Mantle (NH-J1)

New Hampshire origin. Light, one coat paint. Superb detailing. Overall height 64” Overall width 76-1/2” Body width 64” Firebox aperture 44”H x 52”W Mantle depth 8” Leg width 6”


Circa 1928 Federal Reproduction Pine Mantel (NY-1)

Production tag in photos indicates a 1928 manufacture date. Well executed details. Overall height 50” Overall width 63-1/2” Body width 56” Firebox aperture 37”H x 45”W Mantle depth 6-1/2” Leg width 5-1/2”


Circa 1840 FEDERAL Pine Mantle (NY-2)

Overall height 60” Overall width 74-1/2” Body width 73-1/2” Firebox aperture 44”H x 64”W Mantle depth 9” Leg width 6-1/2” Base trim board shown in the photos is an added piece, easily removed. Mantle trim molding has some damage which can be restored or replaced easily. Hard to find larger scale size.


Circa 1830 Greek Revival Mantle (NY-3)

Exquisite bold and well-defined styling. Poplar/ tulip wood. The black paint oftentimes indicated mourning of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The base plinth block shown is detached but not damaged. Excellent condition overall. Overall height 55-1/2” Overall width 69” Body width 61-1/2” Firebox aperture 37”H x 46”W Mantle depth 9” Leg width 8”


Circa 1840 FEDERAL Pine Mantle (NY-4)

New York State origin. Pine with very light black paint. Black paint on mantles oftentimes indicated mourning, mostly associated with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Overall height 47” Overall width 76-1/2” Body width 63-1/2” Firebox aperture 32”H x 47”W Mantle depth 7” Leg width 8”


Circa 1840 Pine Mantel (BKLN-1)

Overall height 50” Overall width 68-1/2” Body width 59-1/2” Leg width 7-1/2” Firebox aperture 34”H x 44”W Mantel width 8”


Vintage Mantel Shelf Board (POM-12)

Moulded on three edges shelf board that will clean up nicely for refinish. First photo is the top, second photo is the bottom. Measures 10-1/2”W x 68-1/4”L x 1-3/4”


Classic Federal Mantel (MP-100)

Faithful reproduction, circa 1955. Light paint. Overall height 52-1/2” Overall width 72” Body width 63” Mantel depth 7-1/4” Firebox aperture 37-1/2”H x 48-1/2”W Leg width 7-1/2”


Greek Revival Poplar Mantel (MP-150)

1960’s faithful reproduction which presents very well. Light paint. Overall height 55-1/4” Overall width 78” Body width 66” Mantel depth 7-1/2” Firebox aperture 37-1/2”H x 50-1/2”W Leg width 8”


Circa 1900 Large Scale Greek Revival Mantel (RI-LC2)

There are several moulding repairs necessary to make this a pristine form example. Overall height 64-1/2” Overall width 96” Firebox aperture 45”H x 60”W Leg width 13” Body width 86-1/2” Mantel depth 9”


Circa 1890 Pine Fireplace Mantel (RI-LC1)

Overall width 56-1/2” Overall height 56” Body width 56-1/2” Firebox 39-1/2”H x 46-1/2”W Mantel depth 8-3/4” Leg width 5-1/2” Trim board on the left side can be trimmed to make the mantel symmetrical. Simple, pleasing form.


Circa 1820 Federal Pine Mantle (MTV-1)

Overall height 50” 
Overall width 65” 
Body width 56-1/2” 
Mantle depth 6-1/2” 
Leg width 7-1/4” 
Firebox aperture 30”H x 42”W


Circa 1890 Eastlake Style Oak Mantle

Untouched original condition. Overall height 62-1/2” (with gallery) Overall width 60” Mantle depth 10” Upper gallery 14” height Firebox aperture 36”H x 41”W Body width 60” Leg width 9-1/2”


Vintage Oak Mantle Shelf Board (NA-16)

Measures 10-1/2” x 72”L x 1-1/8”. Moulded edge as shown. Use as a shelf or replacement. Great vintage look!  


Greek/Victorian Interpretive Mantle (NM-4)

Unique combined styling is very attractive. Some detail loss as shown. Overall height 47” Overall width 58-3/4” Leg width 6” Mantle depth 9-1/2” Body width 52-1/2” Firebox aperture 39-1/2”W x 33-1/2”H


Classic Greek Influenced Mantle (MA-2)

Greek form with hand carved elements as shown. This is a masterpiece of workmanship. Tulip/poplar wood will reveal higher detail once the paint is stripped off. Circa 1920, Massachusetts. Overall height 50-1/2” Overall width 66-1/2”


Circa 1780 Keeping Room Mantel

Generous sized fir that special application. This can be sized down for a more customized application. Eastern Connecticut origin. Overall height 66” Overall width 110”


Circa 1820 Pine Mantle

Acquired in 1999 from a major remodeling project. Nice solid condition.
Overall width: 63”
Overall height: 51-1/2”


Classic Colonial Double Fluted Column Mantel

Large scale, Circa 1895, Wellesley, Massachusetts Excellent condition. Tulip/poplar wood. Overall width 86-1/2” Body width 79” Legs 12-1/2” Mantel Depth 12-1/2” Overall height 58” Firebox opening 40”H x 54” W


18th Century Massachusetts Pine Mantle

Circa 1780 from Upton, Massachusetts second floor bedroom chamber.  Measures: Overall height 31”, overall width 48-1/2” , Legs 10”, Firebox opening 21”H x 29”W


Circa 1840 Greek Revival Mantle

East Windsor, Connecticut origin Late marbleized finish applied about 1960, Pine wood Overall height 56” Overall Width 68-1/2” Firebox 41”W x 37”H Leg width 9” Mantle Depth 7-1/2” Body width 59”


Circa 1790 Kitchen or Large Parlor Mantle (RI-2)

Overall height 62-1/2"
Overall width (body) 89-1/2"
Overall width (same) 89-1/2"



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