Antique Paneling & Cupboards

I have always felt that the heart of a country home is the fireplace. Next most important is what is put around them ----namely paneling and cupboards. As restoration contractors ourselves, we strive to carefully remove these components knowing that they will be re-installed one day. Knowing the potential for each component is also important so if you see something that intrigues you in our listings---ask the questions----I'm sure that we can help.

NEW Wide Pine Stock

Professionally milled, sound tight knots (STK) white pine boards in 8’,12’, 14’ and 16’ lengths. Boards are 15”-17” wide. This was installed as flooring but can be used is wainscot, vertical or horizontal wall boards. 3/4” thickness. 305 square feet:


18th and Early 19th Century Extra WIDE PINE Board Stock

This grouping of boards has been professionally cleaned and prepared for ready use. The listing shows the length, width and square footage of each board in the group. The total is 405 square feet. It is offered as one lot OR selected. One board in particular is 28” wide x 15’-3”L


Circa 1920 Pantry Cupboard Doors

Matched pair, each door measures 15” x 46-1/4” x 1-3/8” Shiplapped/rabbeted meeting center. Hinges intact.


Circa 1830 Flat Panel Chimney Cupboard Doors

These were in a stacked application but certainly can be used otherwise. The door on the left is 19”W x 38”H x 3/4”, the door on the right has a tapered cut to the bottom edge which is 36”H at the shortest cut x 19”W x 3/4”.

$95 choice or $145/pair

WIDE BOARD Wainscoting/Flooring

Outstanding professionally cleaned and prepared collection of wainscoting boards. Generally 7/8”-1” thick x 20”-24” wide x 13’Length. Many boards are perfectly clear. They are all vintage up and down sawn White Pine. Very flat, several with outlet hole cut-outs as seen in photos. 22 boards presently available. Sold individually or entire lot 475 square feet.


18th Century Georgian Raised Panel Wainscoting

This material was carefully removed about 40 years ago from a Connecticut house, location unknown. Height is 25” and has been dry-scraped of the heavy paint coats. Length : 14’-8”, 14’-8”, 13”-3”, 69”, 55”, 59” and 48”= 61-1/2 LFT.  Sold as one lot only.


Georgian Two Panel Cupboard Door (STR-B)

21” x 74” x15/16”. Heavy paint. This door matches STR-A also listed.


Georgian Two Panel Cupboard Door (STR-A)

21” x 74” x 15/16” Heavy paint. This door matches STR-B, also listed.


Circa 1800 Architectural Corner Cupboard

Outstanding condition with very light paint which will dry-scrape. 6” H hinges were removed long ago but will be included. Overall height 81” x 45”W No excuses…..this is an attractive original artifact. This was always an open top.


Early 19th Century Interior Shutters PAIR

Reportedly from the Christopher Manwaring house, New London,CT (1796-1803) which was dismantled in 1967. Each half measures 20-1/2”W x 75-3/4”H. All original hardware. Excellent condition with one coat of paint.


Wide Chestnut Board

Wonderful patina, flat. Measures 18” x 8’-6”L x 1” thick


Single Raised Panel Cupboard Door

24-3/4”W x 27-3/4”H x 15/16”. Excellent condition with “H” hinges as shown.


Five Board Table Top

Incredible dry appearance which can be oiled if desired. Generous width of 42” x 84”L Breadboard end with three cleats which are secured by screws. Base style/leg choice is up to you !!


Primitive Raised Panel Shutters

Two matching pair of primitive, nicely weathered early shutters. Each pair measure 26-1/2” wide x 52-3/4”H. Outstanding decorative potential.

$150 pair choice OR $200 both pair

Reproduction Carved Rosette Pediment

Raised panel centerpiece. Hand carved rosettes. Measures 6’-6” overall length x 26”H overall center measurement x 7” wide. Great Wall hanger or other decorative element.


Vintage Shutters

Two pair in an attractive color and condition. All are 53-1/2”L. Three are 18” wide and one is 15” wide

$15 each

19th Century Country Store Counter

Hard to find, from a time long ago. This counter is finished at one end as shown. Wonderful worn top in the original base colors. Reported to originate from Norwich, Connecticut. Measures 28-1/2” wide x 94”L x 31”H


Circa 1875 Dumbwaiter Door Assembly

Professionally removed to preserve original trim. Rare offering. Measures 31” x 69-1/2” overall (with trim) Needs a rough opening of 23-1/4” x 61-1/2” x 3-3/4” jamb Doors measure 20”W x 29”H. Lower door is weighted as windows once were. We have weights available. One coat of light paint. No damage, ready to use.


Featheredge Paneling

Reclaimed circa 1960 vintage pine feather edge paneling in excellent condition. The panels measure 7”-11” wide and have well-executed joint edges. Length is 7’-6” with some shorts too. Conservatively there is enough to create a 12’ wide wall. Extra stock is not tallied but part of this package. All shown in photos is part of the package.

$375/ lot

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19th Century WIDE BOARD Paneling and Board Stock (NH-J)

Miscellaneous batch of short stock (36”-72”) x 14”-24” wide hand planed PINE boards. 175 square feet available. Can be purchased by the piece.


19th Century Pewter Cupboard (NH-J)

Disassembled for ease of mobility and adaptability. Eleven hand planed boards 10”-22” wide. Shelving boards have a beaded lead edge as shown. The boards laid out as shown measure 12’-6” x 61”L= 62.5 square feet.


Circa 1850 SINGLE Board Wainscoting (NHU)

Tapers from 16-1/2” to 20” over its 162”L. Full one inch thickness. Beaded edge as shown. Hand planed.


Circa 1850 SINGLE Board Wainscoting Section-(NHZ)

24-1/2”W x 183-1/2”L. One coat light paint.


Circa 1850 Two Board Wainscoting Section-(NHX)

30-1/2”W x 168-1/2”L . One coat light paint.


Vintage HIGH QUALITY Grey Barn Siding

Lengths are 40% 11’-6”, 30% 9’, 30% 4’-6’ lengths. Most are 12” width and the shorter stock are 14” and 16” widths. Nice, flat, full one inch thickness. Circular sawn. Estimated to be approximately 30 years old. Photos show grey exposed side and oxidized (golden honey color) inner faces. 565 square feet-sold as one lot only.


Early 19th Century WIDE Pine Wall Sheathing

Exceptional unpainted lot of wide, hand planed sheathing. Up and down sawn. Some was horizontal wall sheathing and some of the lot was wainscoting. All from the same house. New York State origin. All has been de-nailed and power washed. Full one inch thick.

390 Square Feet: $5,400

Vintage Wide Pine Barn Siding

Wonderful red/gray coloration. Boards are 10-14” wide. 30 SFT are 10’ long, 48 SFT are 8’-3” long and 38 SFT are 7’-4” long

116 SFT LOT $475

Vintage Breadboard End Chest Lid/Cabinet Door

Measures 19-1/2”W x 34-3/4”H x 7/8” with butt hinges


18th Century Georgian Raised Panel Cupboard Door with H Hinges

Rare/ hard to source 3” original hand forged hinges are still in place. Measures 24-1/2”H x 18-1/2”wide x 15/16” thick. Hinges alone are offered under Antique Hardware.

Complete Door and Hinges $135
Hinges alone, pair $100

Vintage Phillips Exeter Academy Shipping Crate Board

Wonderful old world labeling for glass items to be shipped to the Chemistry Lab at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire which was established in 1781. A most prestigious school. Measures 18” x 20” x 1”thick. Great Wall hanging.


Vintage Pine Newel Post

6-1/2” x 6-1/2” x 33-1/2”H. This would make a nice plant stand or other presentation base.


Wide Board Set

One chestnut: 17” x 84” Three pine: 16”x 86” , 16” x 94”, 17-1/2” x 82”


Vintage Wide Board Poplar/Tulip Shelf Boards

Three matching measure 14-1/2” x 34-1/2” x 7/8”thick. Solid, no paint.


Single SMALL SCALE Shutter (POM-13)

Unpainted, measures 16” x 22” x 1-1/8”


Reclaimed Pine Ship-Lapped Sheathing

1960’s vintage in a warm brown stain. Great vintage look. 3/9’ length, 3/13-6” length x 10-1/2” wide face = 58 SFT


Bolection Moulding

New old stock poplar bolection moulding. Two 14’-6” lengths x 2-1/2” wide 

One length $40 Both lengths $70

Period Georgian Single Panel Cupboard Door (MTV-E)

17-1/4” x 27-3/4” x 7/8” with original cast butt hinges


Circa 1820 Flat Panel Chimney Cupboard Door Set (MTV-A and B)

Bottom door is 30” tall, upper door is 43-1/2”. Common width is 16” x 1” thick. Original cast iron butt hinges are still attached and in perfect condition. This set originally went with the Circa 1820 Granite Firebox listed on this site under Antique Stone.


Vintage Wooden Gable Vent

Overall size is 27-1/2” x 32”. Rough opening requirement is 25-3/4” x 31-1/4” Screen is fully intact and ready to go.


Vintage Pair 10 Lite Pantry Doors (OL-4)

Each door measures 18-1/2” x 53-1/2” x1-1/8”. Glass size is 7” x 9-1/4”. Two panes are broken. Full brass hinge hardware.


New Old Stock Fluted Columns

Unusual for us to handle non-vintage stock. This is a pair of high quality, slightly tapered, fiberglass fluted columns that are 10’-0” long. Base diameter is 11-3/4” and the top diameter is 9-1/2” diameter. Decorative bases are part of this offering however one of the top capitals is missing. $750 value.


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Circa 1920 Galvanized Tin Roofing Tiles

We have a 2,028 count lot of salvaged Roofing Tiles which can also be utilized in a sidewall application for that decorative accent. The entire lot would yield 3000 SFT coverage. Photos show lay-up. When installed, each tile yields a 1-1/2 Square Foot coverage.

Sold as follows: 1-999 $3/each 1,000-1500 $2/each Entire lot $2,900 ($1.45 each)

Circa 1860 Bracket Corbels

From a Massachusetts early Victorian era entry way. Simple design with one missing drop finial as shown. 29-1/2” projection x 34-1/2” tall x 3-1/4” thick. Great adaptive reuse item, reasonably priced.


Vintage Tri-Fold Dressing Screen (NA-65)

Each panel measures 18”W x 57”H. All louvers move freely. Light paint, will re-coat nicely.


Vintage Double Wide Single Shutter (NA-34)

Measures 23-1/2” x 53-1/2”. Parts do not move.


New Old Stock Shutters Pair (NA-33)

Old light coat of dark green paint. All moving parts are free. Each shutter measures 15” x 34-1/2”


New Old Stock Shutters Pair (NA-32)

Talk about a time capsule. Here is a new old stock pair of shutters still in their original shipping packaging. Each measures 16” x 43”


New Old Stock Shutters Pair (NA-31)

Each 18” x 40”, fully movable louvers


Vintage Tall Shutters Pair (NA-29)

Each measures 15” x 70-1/4” Solid non chipping paint. Classic green


New Old Stock Shutters Pair (NA-28)

Each measures 13” x 32”, fully workable louvers


Vintage Small Scale Shutter Pair (NA-27)

Each measures 14” x 28-3/4”. Solid rich spruce green paint


Circa 1920’s Flat Panel Cupboard Doors Pair (NA-26)

Both doors overall width 43-3/4” x 53-7/8”H x 1-1/8” Hinges are still in place.


Vintage Newel Post

Appears to be poplar/tulip wood. Measures 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 41-1/2” No cutouts at base as usual. Will clean up nicely.


Vintage Oak Cabinet Top or Shelf (NA-23) 

This particular item can be used in two different applications by turning it upside down. Measures 38”L x 13-3/4”W x 7-1/2”H. Minor edge chips can be sanded/blended out if required.


Circa 1920 Beaded Board Cupboard Door Set (NA-22)

Each door measures 16-1/2” x 49-1/2” x 7/8”

$75 pair

Vintage Wide Board Bench Seats/Cupboard Doors (NA-21)

Set of three matching which were originally storage seat/bench covers. Hinges and lead edge removable trim moulding is still in place. Batten construction in excellent condition. Each measures 21” x 47-1/4” x 1”

$40 choice or $100/set of three

Victorian Era Style Wall Cupboard (NA-19)

Face trim measures 30-1/2” x 43” Rough opening required to build in is: 26-1/4” x 39-1/4” x 5-3/8” jamb Door size is 24-5/8” x 37”. Excellent condition.


Circa 1920 Single Panel Cupboard Doors (NA-18)

Set of two upper and two lower doors. Excellent condition. Two lower door measure 25-1/4”W x 25-3/4”H. Two upper doors measure 25-1/4”W x 42”H x 1-1/8”

$150 for full set of four doors

Vintage Wooden Columns Pair (NA-15)

Vintage new old stock, never installed. Slight taper from 7-3/4” to 6-1/2” at top x 91-1/2” overall length. Appears to be made of fir/ pine. Quality construction.

$275 pair

Vintage Column Bases or Capitols (NA-14)

Ideal for crafting/ re-purpose. Each measures 16” x 16” x 1-3/4” Center square measures 8-5/8” x 8-5/8”

$30 set

Vintage Turned Wooden Bases/Capitols (NA-12)

Flat, never used, some water stains as shown. Same profile on both sides. Each measures 21-1/2” x 43”


New Old Stock Pine Cupboard Doors Pair (NA-7)

Flat, never used, some water stains as shown. Same profile on both sides. Each measures 21-1/2” x 43”


Circa 1930’s Pantry Door Set

Overall measurements: 32-1/2” x 36”H x 1-1/8” One broken/missing glass which will be supplied with purchase. Shiplap center meeting rail. Can be utilized individually.


Vintage Country Two Board Cupboard Door (C-K)

Vintage Country Two Board Cupboard Door (C-K) 22-1/4” x 39” x 7/8”. Original hinges still in place.


Four Vintage Cupboard Doors (C-I)

Matched set of four. Each measures 14-1/2” x 23-1/2” x 3/4” Veneer over poplar wood.


Vintage Pair Small Scale Cupboard Doors (C-H)

Made of maple. Each door measures 12” x 21” x 3/4”


19th Century Two Panel Cupboard Door (C-G)

No paint, original butt hinges. Measures 23-3/4”W x 43-1/4” x 3/4”


Circa 1800 Cupboard Door Pair (C-E)

Two panel, each door measures 17-1/2” x 35-1/4” x 7/8”


Circa 1830 Single Cupboard Door (C-D)

16-3/4” x 34-1/2” x 7/8”. No paint and original hinges.


Single Raised Panel Cupboard Doors Pair (C-C)

Tulip/poplar wood. Each door measures 23-3/4”W x 33-1/2” x 1”


Heavy Ribbed Shutter or Vent Section (C-B)

Nice original paint color. Measures 15-1/4” x 56-1/4” x 1-1/2”


Circa 1830 Cupboard Door (C-A)

15-1/4” x 45” No paint, excellent condition


Outhouse Seats

Five to choose from 16”-18” width x 72” L One is a two holer at 48” Length: $95 One has the original front board included: $140 (See photos) All others (choice): $100

18th Century Sliding Interior Shutters

Two matching GEORGIAN two panel shutters. Each measures 32-1/4” W x 29-1/2”H x 3/4” thick. Excellent condition. Massachusetts origin.


Circa 1850 Meetinghouse Shutters

Enfield, Connecticut origin. Original strap hardware still in place. Three matching doors/shutters with ship-lapped meeting edge (See photos). Each shutter measures 19”W x 77”H x 1-3/8” thick. Three panels each.

$400/Set of three

Circa 1890 Split Porch Posts Pair

From an Eastern Connecticut Victorian porch. These were the end of the porch railing where they met the house. Generous 8’-11” length x 5-1/2” Wide x 2” thick.

$225.00 Pair

Georgian Two Panel Cupboard Door

19-3/4” x 56” x 1” with 1-1/2” cast iron butt hinges Stenciling is a later added feature




Circa 1940 Corner Cupboard

38" W x 80" H and takes a 29" corner Shelves are included. Economy priced.


Painted Two Hole Outhouse Seat

Desirable robin's egg blue, can be made into a bench Height 17" Length 60" Depth 16"


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Circa 1830 Raised Panel Wall Cupboard

This unit can be built into a free standing cupboard or installed as original Overall width 37" Overall height 45" Depth 12-3/4" Doors overall 29"W x 33-1/2"H


Four Holer Outhouse Seats

Two to choose from, one is painted Painted one measures 18" x 75" Unpainted measures 16" x 72" Bleached and power washed A woman once told her husband that she was going to use one of them for his family photos picture frames :):):)!!!!!

Choice $100.00

Vintage Decorative Surround

Mortise and tenon construction, measures 42"H x 45" overall width Each "leg" is 5" wide. Comes apart as shown.


19th Century Built-In Cupboard

Can be a free standing unit too Measures 43" W x 93-1/2"H x 17-1/2"Depth Solid construction with thick cupboard doors



18th Century Barrel Back Cupboard Shelf

Remnant measures 41"L x 18" Depth with porringer and plate groove Excellent dry original surface, very eye pleasing


19th Century Cupboard Doors

Each 19-1/4" x 34-1/2" with old red underneath Batten construction

$75.00 Pair

Cupboard Doors Pair

Matching pair 19th Century Measure overall 26"W x 41"H (each 13" x 41")


Circa 1830 Flat Panel Cupboard Door
Stripped and ready to use 22" x 42"


Decorative Shutter Pair-Close Match PA-5-2

Near match measure 29" x 46-3/4" overall Classic green and white

$50.00 Pair

Decorative Shutter Pair PA-4-2

Classic mustard and green Measures 29" x 46-3/4" overall

$95.00 Pair

Single Decorative Shutter PA-Single

17-1/2" x 55-1/2" in classic mustard and green


Decorative Shutter Pair PA 3-2

Matched Pair in classic mustard and green color, muted color on reverse side Measure 34-1/2" x 55-1/2" overall

$100.00 Pair

Decorative Shutter Pair

Matched pair in classic mustard and green Measure 34-1/2" x 55-1/2" overall

$120.00 Pair

Decorative Shutter Pair-PA1-2

Pennsylvania 19th Century Measures 29" x 47-1/4" overall Louvers movable, nice cleanup

$95.00 Pair

Single Narrow Decorative Shutter

Pennsylvania 19th Century , classic green and white Measures 10" x 55-1/2" x 1-1/4"


19th Century Pantry Shelving (Five Tiers)

Exceptionally clean set of pine pantry shelving boards all 11" and 12" wide
Scarfed joint as seen in photos. Assembled sets all measure 66" x 94" from inside corner.
One light paint coat which will easily clean to original surface.

$775.00 Set

Reproduction Crown Moulding-3-1/2"
Copied from an authentic 18th century profile and surplus from a local restoration project.
Eastern White Pine.
Available: 8/16'  ,  1/9'

Antique Pantry Shelving Boards
Large selection of different sourced pantry and cabintery shelving boards
Most range between 24" to 9' length and 7"-15" wide
Many have plate grooves

19th Century Kitchen Overmantle Cupboard Facing
Although this was from a kitchen application the adaptability of this piece is limitless.
Quality piece measures 8' length x 37" height
Doors are consistent sized at 17"W  x  27"H

Circa 1820 Built-In Cupboard With Door (GLASTC#2)
Box: 24-1/4"  x  38"H
Facing: 22-3/4"W   x  40-1/2"
Door:  16"W  x  35-3/4"H
Cant Back
Original Brass Pull


Circa 1820 Built-In Cupboard  (GLASTC#1)
Overall "box" dimensions:  39"W  x  13-1/4"  Deep  x  54"H
Face (Exposed portion):  27-1/2"W  x   54"H
Door Opening: 20-3/8"W  x  45-1/4"H   (NO DOOR)


Circa 1830 Single Door Wall Cupboard
Original brass pull
Interior has canted back tapering from 10" deep at bottom to 12-1/2" at top
Back boards are beaded
Outside Dimensions: 22-1/2"W   X   40-1/2"H


Early 19th Century Built-In Cupboard

Bozrah, CT. Circa 1820. This cupboard has been about 80% dry scraped. The sides, top and bottom boards extend beyond the body of the shelving "box" so they are adjustable, or, the unit can easily be converted to be free-standing.


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