Antique Stone

Antique stone material to compliment your project is a statement unto itself. Yes, all stone is millions of years old, but, hand cut, 100 to 300 year old, New England stone is primarily what we stock. We encourage keeping harvested material together with the dismantled building that it came from. However, circumstances have allowed us to separate them or acquire vintage stock from other circumstances.

Besides what is listed here, our two acre yard is filled with uniquities for your landscaping needs. Make arrangement to visit our yard in person----you'll be so glad you did !!!

19th Century Granite Millstone

High quality and condition……this is a “10” ! 54” diameter x 12” thick at the center and 9” at the circumference. Highly desirable “pinwheel” pattern. Four way drive keyway at center has no chips. Perfect grey color.


LARGE SCALE Granite Step

Reportedly from an Eastern Connecticut General Store. This has been stored for over 30 years. Incredible presence, measuring 52” Wide x 8’-9”L x 12” thick. Wonderful stippled top surface makes it slip-resistant. These do not become available very often.


19th Century Granite Fence Post/Wall End

Slight taper from 18” to 15” wide on the broad face. Varying 6”-7” thickness. Wonderful medium grey with a nice surface. Two holes were partially drilled probably to cut the length. Overall length is 82”.


LARGE SCALE Granite Post/Wall End/Step

Broad face has a slight taper from 16”-18”. The stone is fairly consistent thickness at 7” making it ideal for a step. A post or wall end is another possible application at a generous 8’-6” length. (It is the tallest stone in the photos).


Circa 1840 Granite Chamfered Edged Foundation Stone Set

Top widths average 12”, stone heights average 12”. Lengths are 3.5, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4.5, 7, 7, and 7.5= 50 linear feet. Four of the stones are corner cut (see photos). This set has a 3” wide chamfer and has an incredible vintage look. The photos do not do them justice.

$3,250 Set

Country Granite Step

Measures 24” x 40” x 5”. Nice foot-worn surface.


Wire Cut Granite Step/Post Stock

Three matching pieces which are smooth/worn on two adjacent faces and rock-faced on the two opposing adjacent faces. All stones are 12” x 12”. Lengths are 87”, 91” and 60” = 19.5 Linear feet.

$1,600 set

Vintage Granite Column Capstone

20” x 24” x 12” thick. This stone has an extremely low angle pyramid top which is barely discernible in the photos.


Granite Wheel Bumper/Bollard

Unusual light colored granite for this region. This architectural element is designed to protect building corners or doorways from wagon wheels striking them. This particular example measures 36” overall. The finished portion measures 11” x 14” x 8” H.


High Style Granite Hitching Post

The four-sided fluting is most commonly found in the Mystic, Connecticut area. This flawless example is obelisk styled, gently tapered, measuring 7-1/2” to 6-1/2”. This recently extracted artifact is finished to be exposed 38” above grade. The overall length is 62”. An uncommon offering which have been documented as being mid-1800’s vintage.


Small Scale Brownstone Hitching Post

Desirable obelisk style with top mounted hitch ring. Gentle taper from 6-1/2” to 5”


Medium Scale Grindstone

5” thick x 19” diameter. Square center hole. Square shadow will dissipate over time.


Small Scale Grindstone

4”H x 10-1/2” diameter. Square center hole. Engraved with numerals “46” on one side.


18th Century Granite Step with Boot Scraper

Eastern Connecticut origin. Circa 1760 dwelling house front entry step, which was integrated into the stone foundation. Hand forged boot scraper with the highly desirable rams horn/curlicue finials. Nice worn patina surface, measures a generous 36” deep x 48” width x 9” thick. Front and rear views shown.


18th/Early 19th Century Hand Made Brick

As with any hand made item such as these, the measurements vary slightly but are 2” x 7” x 3-3/4”W. Good and solid for reconstruction or repair work. Presently there are 2100 in this lot. Sold in two options: 


18th Century Granite Foundation/ Wall Capping

A high quality single source set of 105 linear feet. Each stone is 18”-20” wide x 8”-9” thick. 4’-6’ average length, some 7’ and 8’ lengths. Sold as a single lot only. They were Eastern Connecticut house foundation stones but are also ideal for wall capping.


18th Century Granite Hearthstone

This was originally intended to be a cheek stone to a keeping room fireplace. It was used in a parlor as a hearth. Measures 21”W x 48”L x 6” thick. Nice worn surface. Eastern Connecticut origin.


Mid 19th Century Brick

 Hard, fired brick. Measure 3-3/4”W x 8”L x 2-1/2”thick. 250 count


18th Century Granite Fireplace Lintel

Eastern Connecticut circa 1720-1740. Parlor box. Matching lintel is also available (see listings). Measures 43”L x 12” at the widest point x 5” thick. NOTE: We have other granite and brownstone lintels in our inventory that may not be listed on this site.


18th Century Granite Hearthstone

Eastern Connecticut circa 1720-1740. Measures 20”W x 43”L x 4” thick. Top season crack is on the surface only.


18th Century Hand Made Brick

Increasingly hard to source. Measure 3-3/4”W x 8” long x 2” thick. These are not classified as “peanut brick” but are certified 18th century, 1720-1740 vintage from Eastern Connecticut. This lot of brick is 650 count and is sold as one lot.


18th Century Granite Keeping Room Fireplace

Circa 1740 Eastern Connecticut coursed granite firebox measures 36”H x 43”W. The two stone hearth is 24”W x 90”L x 5” thick. Original crane and mounting gudgeons are included. The cast iron bake oven door is in poor condition so we can supply a period working replacement. The lintel is 53”L x 12”W.

Complete package $4,500

Large Scale Brownstone Hitching Block

This stone was laying face down for many years until it was lifted to discover that it was a hitching block/post. Incredible hand carved workmanship in a gently tapered form. Base portion measures 16” x 22” tapering to 12” x 16”. Overall length is 56”. Hand forged hitch ring is 4” diameter.


Small Scale Hitching Post

Recently mounted in a concrete base as shown with the staining. Cute size. Measures 6” x 8” x 24” overall length. When installed it will be about 16” tall. Ideal for a walkway end or a garden feature. Top mounted hand forged ring is 2-1/4” diameter.


19th Century Kitchen Hearthstone

Brownstone in a lighter variety shade. Three pieces overall measure 25”W x 80”L x 4” thick. The sections measure 31”, 31” and 18”. Nice worn surface, almost looks like granite. Western Massachusetts origin.

$775 set

19th Century Granite Well Cover (With Cover)

An unusual form, having a grooved area to accept the schist cover as shown. The overall measurements of the stone are 4’-0” x 4’-6” x 6” thick. The elongated hole measures 17” x 23”. The schist cover measures 19” x 23”. Glastonbury, Connecticut origin.


Architectural Brownstone Hitching Post

This is a SUBSTANTIAL piece with wonderful eye appeal. Chamfered corners and a low angle pyramid top. Hand forged hitching ring. Above ground portion measures 12” x 12” x 42. Overall length of the entire artifact is 80”.


Period Granite Carriage Step

From a street in Bristol, Connecticut. Unusual large scale 18” x 50”L x 16”H Chamfered upper edge perimeter as shown. Wonderful presence. Stippled surface on all four sides. Dirt line shows it’s original depth of installation.


Large Scale Mill Stone

5’-6” diameter x 17” thick. Square drive hole. Several initials carved on outside perimeter face. Great eye appeal. Ideal seating location/focal point.


Granite Posts

Matched pair measuring 9” x 10” x 7’-6”Length Rugged, beefy appearance.

$650 pair

Limestone Landing Step

This step is about 20 years old. Measures 36” x 56-1/2” x 6” Shadow staining will power wash out.


Circa 1830 Granite Firebox Set

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. Each cheek/jamb stone measures 39”H x 18”W x 9”thick. The splay face measures 6”W. Matching lintel measures 12”W (face) x 50”L x 8” thick.


Circa 1850 Granite Step (WTFD)

18”W x 78”L x 12” thick. Nice foot worn surface.


Foot Worn Bluestone Pavers

1960’s vintage from a patio installation. Most in the 18”x 24” size. Other sizes are 24” x 30”, 36” x 36” and 12” x 18”. 235 Square Feet:


Vintage Granite Hitching Posts Pair (Larger Scale)

Wonderful presence for that special installation. Each measures generally 8” x 9” x 81”L 2-3/4” diameter hand forged hitching rings.


Vintage Granite Hitching Posts Pair

Pleasing scale, measuring 8” x 8” x 65”. Hand forged rings are 2-3/4” diameter.


Ram’s Horn Granite Hitching Post

The beautiful hand forged hook is the eye focus on this pleasing scale/size post. Measures 7” x 10” x 66”L


Granite Block Style Tether Stone

Measures 10” x 12” x 6” thick. Weighs about 45 pounds.


Natural Stone Tether Stone

Generally measures 9” x 10” x 3” thick. Weighs about 12 pounds. Ideal for small dog……portable.


Vintage Granite Barway Posts

Matched pair measure 4” x 9” at the top and 9” x 10” at the base. Overall length is 81”. Hand forged “loops” are generally 5” x 5” openings. Great eye appeal with the tapered form.

$725 pair

Granite Hitching Post (Unique Hardware)

This post has a “beefy” appearance. The slight taper is 18” wide and 10” thick at the base and 13”wide and 7” thick at the top. Beautiful hand forged serpentine hook as shown. Overall length is 56”


18th Century Granite Lintel

12”face x 80”L x 6” thick


Circa 1830 Granite Parlor Firebox

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. Two solid splayed “cheek” stones each measure 32-1/2”H x 16” deep x 6” thick. The matching lintel measures 41-1/2”L x 12” face x 5” thick.

$750 set

Vintage Wire Cut Granite Steps

Matching set of eight as shown. They are under-margined to sit perfectly to each other. 13”W x 48”L with 8” rise which will yield a 12” tread. Perfect medium grey color. $


Granite Hearthstone OR Walkway Stock

Vintage cut. Both are 20” wide x 45-49” long. Each would yield 45”L 5”-6” thick. Nice worn top surfaces.

$450 pair or $300 choice

Vintage Granite Architectural Armillary

This was the peak stone of a former granite church structure. The surface is hand stippled, adding to its attractive appearance. A high quality vintage armillary was installed (see photos). The stone measures 50”H x 48”W at the base. The spire portion is 14” on the face x 20” deep. The armillary adds another 36” to the overall height (96”).


1912 Soapstone Farm Kitchen Sink

Outstanding style and condition. Dated 1912. Tapered front with soap tray as shown. Overall measurements 23-3/4” x 36” x6” depth. Base portion measures 20” x 36”. Brass threaded drain is included. Soapstone is 1-1/4” thick.


Circa1830 Granite Fence Posts

Hard to source in groupings this large. Freshly extracted from a circa 1830 Deep River, Connecticut home site. These are very typical for that area. NINE 66”-76”L x 5”x 9”.

$3,750 set

Victorian Era Marble Mantel Shelf

Desirable moulded serpentine lead edge. Dark brown/purplish hue. Generous length at 68-1/2” x 12”W x 1-1/4”


Victorian Era Marble Mantel Shelf

Desirable moulded serpentine lead edge. Measures 10” x 55” x 1” thick. Ideal in many new applications.


Brick Style Pavers

Circa 1960’s vintage in solid condition. 850 count. Paver size: 3-3/4” x 7-3/4” x 2-1/4” thick

$1,275 Lot

Vintage LARGE SCALE Bluestone Patio Stock

Circa 1960’s nicely foot-worn surfaces. 24” x 30” up to 36” x 48”. 1-1/2” to 2” thickness. One measures 43” x 55”. One photo shows a blue coloration but they are all matching typical blue/gray as in the other photos. 225 square feet.


Country Flats/Walkway Stepping Stones

Seven high quality, surface worn, broad flats used in a walkway. 18” x 24” smallest and 24” x 36” largest dimensions.


Vintage Bluestone Patio/Walkway Stock

Freshly extracted, circa 1960 vintage. Great eye appeal. Most of the lot are 24” x 36”. Other sizes are 18”x 42”, 18” x 24”. 280 square feet plus additional not tallied stock.

$2,200 lot

Vintage Brownstone Grindstone

5” thick x 20”. Wonderful ancient look.


LARGE SCALE Bluestone Landings

We currently have three of these, all 2-1/2”-3” thickness. 
1) 4’ x 5’-2” 
2) 3’-10” x 5’-0” 
3) 4’ x 5’

$800 each OR $2,000 all three

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LARGE SCALE Antique Bluestone Patio Stock

600 square feet of generously measured patina surface stock in the 18”x 24”, 24” x24”, 36”x 42”, and larger size. This material is generally 2-1/2” - 3” thickness. SOLD AS SINGLE LOT ONLY.


Victorian Era Granite Step

Crisp condition. Measures 13” x 54” x 6-1/2” rise


“Heart” Stone

Nature shaped this. Measures 12” x 18” x 3”


Vintage Marble Ball(s)

3” diameter $25 
5” diameter $45

Both for $60

Circa 1830 Granite Two Step Set

Eastern Connecticut origin. Top step is 24”W x 66” (5’-6”) x 9”. Bottom step is longer at 6’-6”. Width is 18” and height is 12” (having been partially buried). Nice foot wear and general presence.


18th Century Granite Millstone

Waterford, Connecticut origin. Measures 42” diameter x 12”. The back of the stone is convex as shown. Center drive hole is 8” x 8”. Incredible eye appeal.


Vintage Granite Two Step Set

This finely sculpted two step set features a three sided bullnose edging. Light tan/rose color, depending upon your interpretation. Top landing measures 36” deep x 5’-6” wide. The rise is 8”. The bottom step is the same width with a 14” wide tread depth and a 10” rise (as it was partially set into the ground).



This garden artifact was recently removed from a Connecticut shoreline estate. This is a SINGLE PIECE of granite which most likely started out being a candidate….then brought to this level of use/attraction. The top measures 28” x 46” x 3” thick.


Vintage Corinthian Sundial

Cast stone in excellent condition. 13” x 13” x 32” high Excellent condition



“French Burr” in the highly desirable pinwheel pattern. Both are 16” x 4” thick. One has a round hole and the other has a square hole which indicates that they are a matched working pair.


Schist Granite Well Cover

Excellent example. Measures 52” x 57” x 3” thick. Ideal for a walkway or patio centerpiece. 18” center hole.


Country Boulder Style Tether Stone

10” x 12” x 14”H. 2-1/2” hand forged hitching ring. Weighs approx 40 pounds


Vintage Granite Bird Bath/Basin Stone

17” x 20” x 8” thick


18th Century Brownstone Spout Sink

Nice example, featuring rounded/radius corners. Measures 25” x 41” x 6-1/2” thick.


18th Century Granite Mortar/Sink Basin

Rare find, found installed in a wall nearby a colonial era house in Andover, Connecticut Measures 33” x 33” overall. Basin area, with drain hole, measures 14” x 15” x 2-1/2” deep. It is believed to have served both as a mortar and sink.


19th Century Granite Millstone

Highly desirable pinwheel pattern. 57”diameter x 8” thick. Center hole is 8” Some edge loss as shown, which does not detract from the overall look.


Granite Radius Ended Step

Generous length at 94” with a 14” tread width. 8” rise


Schist Granite Grindstone

Soft edges, pleasing eye appeal. Measures 23” diameter x 5” thick with a 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” square center hole. Eastern Connecticut origin.


19th Century Granite Wellstone

Wonderful large scale artifact in the perfect grey color. Measures 5’-6” x 7’-0” overall. 21” nicely worn hole. Generally about 6” thick.


RARE Granite Millstone Base Stone

Recovered from a Glastonbury, Connecticut mill site some 40+ years ago. This was the base stone for use in conjunction with tapered edge millstones which ran vertically in a circle on top of this portion. This artifact is SUBSTANTIAL, measuring 6’-3” x 6’-3” x 15” thick. Weighs 7,700 pounds.


19th Century Granite Millstone (D)

This is a highly crisp example of a tapered circumference millstone. Highly unusual “starred” keyway which measures 14” x 14”. The stone itself is 61” diameter x 14” thick. This stone is a “10” and has great eye appeal and presence.


Architectural Granite Hitching Post

Reclaimed from a South Windsor, Connecticut house site. Overall length is 64”. Finished/exposed portion is 32” high. Base portion is 12” x 13” Hitch hardware has been long gone but could be replaced if required. Lamb’s tongue decorated corners. A real statement of elegance and refinement.


Early Granite Millstone (C)

This stone was used on a Glastonbury, Connecticut mill site and was recovered some 40+ years ago. The stone material is unusual for this area and may be “French burr”, which were imported for their hardness and resistance to wear. Wonderful eye appealing form. Measures 18” thick x 46” diameter with a 12” x 12” center drive hole.


Early Granite Millstone (B)

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. 20” thick x 56” and 48” diameter (tapered outside circumference) 7” x 7” iron drive appliance still in place. Early industrial artifact with great eye appeal.


Early Granite Millstone (A)

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. Wonderful eye appeal. Measures 5’-6” diameter x 19” thick. Tapered outside circumference. Center hole measure 9” x 9”. Some edge loss as shown.


19th Century Granite Fence Posts

A refined cut, freshly extracted from Glastonbury, Connecticut 5” x 9” x 5’-6”, one measures 6’-4”L. Set of five as shown.


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Victorian Era Carriage Step

A rare offering of a hard to find artifact, especially in the oval form. This example is a “10”. Measures 15” x 24” x 8” thick.


French Burr Millstone

This particular stone type was imported from France due to their hardness and resistance to wear. They served as ballast during the voyage. This particular millstone measures 49” diameter and is encircled with a hand forged ring to further strengthen the stone. It is generally 6” thick and has a 11” x 11” square drive hole.


Brownstone Tether Block

Unique pyramid styling with a handle style, hand forged, lift iron. Measures 10” x 10” x 16”H overall. This is as found. The paint can be removed if desired. Weighs a hefty 45-50 pounds. I have never encountered this form before.


Vintage Limestone Grinding Stone

Shown left front in the photo…….measures 4” thick x 15” diameter with a 4” square drive hole.


Vintage Brownstone Grinding Stone

The thickest stone in both photos…….measures 12” diameter x 20” thick with a 4” square drive hole. Great eye appeal !!


Brownstone Grinding Stone

Stone is at right front in this photo. Measures 6” thick x 28” diameter x 3” square center hole. Great vintage look.


Granite Millstone Table

This millstone measures 56” diameter x 9” thick and is offered alone on this site at $2,600. The pulp wheel base measures 24”H x 36” diameter to create the table as shown. Set up as show. Will sell separately.


Vintage Brownstone Blocks and Cubes

Two pallets of reclaimed vintage curbings, blocks and cubes in a medium scale. Great for wall building infill or other vintage brownstone project.


Circa 1880 Granite Radius Jamb Stones

Fine quality remnants of a disassembled city style wall from a local estate. Imagination will inspire reuse of these attractive artifacts. Each measure 24”H x 36”L x 10-12” thick.

$400 pair

Stone Bench

Inspired by the use of two matching radius curved reclaimed granite jamb stones. Together they measure 4’-5” L x 18”H. The contemporary brownstone bench measures 6’L x 17”W x 6” thick. Overall size of this assembly is 6’L x 18”W x 22”H.


Vintage Granite Step Stock

Four 6’-3”L x 10” tread x 8” rise. A fifth step is included but is broken in two as shown. Old green paint will clean/power wash. Some old edge chipping to lead edges. Sold as one lot only.


18th Century Granite Fireplace/Firebox Cheek Stones

High quality assembly of splayed corner cheek stones for single side jamb or coursed firebox construction. This grouping are the cheek stones only. Side and back box materials are available. Full pallet


19th Century Granite Hitching Post

Beefy 10” x 10” x 66”L. Wonderful unique hand forged hitching hardware, top mounted.



Vintage Sundial

Vintage/weathered concrete tapered octagonal shaft. 8”-5” taper. Cast iron sundial 10” diameter. Mounted on granite base plate for easy installation. Sundial height is 32”. Base stone measures 18” x 18” x 9” thick. Great eye appeal.


Circa 1880 Victorian/English Style Granite Wellhead

Since 1981 we have only seen a few of this style. This is the first one that we have been able to acquire and offer. The four course main body is 36”H x 36”W. The upper metal work, including the 10” pulley wheel is another 58” in height for an overall height of 94”.


Vintage Granite Two Step Set

Beautiful lead edges are the hallmark of these two steps. Each measure 5’-0” L x 18”W x 6”. Freshly extracted, hence the dirt staining.


Circa 1840 Granite Wallstone

Freshly extracted from an Eastern Connecticut site. Photos show the original installation and the extracted pile of material which is conservatively estimated at 40 ton. Cubic and rectilinear form all hand selected for maximum flat faces.


19th Century Granite Foundation Stones

3’ to 6’-6” lengths x 15-18” wide. Thicknesses vary 14”-18” width x 7”-9” thickness. The green coloration is lichen cover, not paint.

Choice $50/linear foot

Granite Corner Stones-Matching Pair

These came from the foundation of a circa 1830 house in Western Massachusetts.They each measure 22”H with 18” x 18” returns. The tops are completely flat, while the bottoms are slightly irregular.


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Demilune Granite Seat/Bench

This was a bullnose curbing in a traffic island. The yellow paint will clean. They make an inviting seat. Measures 12” x 34” x 15”H


Large Scale Granite Hitching Post

Rose granite, Montville, Connecticut origin Hard to find rams horn and ring hand forged hardware in excellent condition. Beefy, measures 7” x 15” x 72”L


Country Style Granite Hitching Post

19th Century, Glastonbury, Connecticut 6” x 7” x 59” overall. Nice eye appeal.


“Dog Head” Decorative Creation

A few years ago while dismantling an 18th century building this stone was extracted from the foundation wall. It struck me as a dog head shape and I finally added my whimsical additions. This is large, measuring 7’H. The head is 32” wide, the body is 20” wide and it averages 11” thick overall. If you love dogs and have a sense of whimsy then this is for you.


Medium Scale Granite Posts

Freshly extracted from a barway opening on an Eastern Connecticut farm. Crude country style both with bulbous bases for stability. Measure 8” x 12” x 96”L and 10” x 10” x 92”L. Original post height above grade was 5’. Can be set to be taller if desired.


19th Century Granite Gate Posts PAIR

From an Eastern Connecticut farmstead. Hard to find LARGE SCALE. Hand forged iron hinge hardware is still intact. One post measures 8’-6”L x 8” x 8” , the other is 8’-4”L x 8” x 8”. Typical crude country style.

$1,400 Pair

Granite Gate Posts PAIR

From an Eastern Connecticut farm. These were located at the opening of barnyard. 19th century vintage. One post measures 5’-6”L x 6” x 12”, the other measures 6’-6”L x 6” x 12”. Iron hinge remnant remains in one stone as shown.

$750 Pair

18th Century Granite Roller/Millstone

This stone was meant to have a wooden beam in the hole which was pinned to a central point at the other end of the beam. Measure a hefty 12” thick x 52” diameter. This was recently used as a seating location in a garden setting. Great eye appeal. Light lichen.


Early 19th Century Granite Millstone

Highly desirable pinwheel pattern. Shadow/color line is from the stone having been partially buried to display it in an upright position. This will dissipate over time. Some edge deterioration as shown. Center hole is clear and measures 8-1/2” diameter. The stone is 56” diameter x 9” thick.


Millstone Fragments

Vintage fragments from a 30”diameter x 6” thick millstone. Ideal for a decorative application. Sold as a single grouping.


Circa 1840 Brownstone Firebox Set

Central Connecticut origin. This is a perfect example in perfect condition, ready to install. Side jambs measure 18” deep x 30” H x 3”” thick. Hearthstone measures 24” x 48” x 4” thick. Original lintel measures 42”L x 8” face x 6” thick. A longer (52”) lintel is available as an option. No cracks or spalling. Lichen will easily clean.


Circa 1875 Wire Cut Granite Step Stock

Exceptional clean, wire cut. Each piece is under-margined to sit perfectly on the preceding step. When installed, a 12” wide tread results. 6-1/2” rise. Lengths presently available: 69-1/2”, 69-1/2”, 37”, 41”, 42”, 41” and 38”.

$40/Linear Foot

Brownstone Small Scale Hitching Posts PAIR

Each measures 4” x 5” x 72”L


Circa 1830 Limestone Entry Step Set

Southampton, Massachusetts origin. Set shown in its original location in photo. Several age chips are evident. Steps measure Top: 24-1/2” x 57-1/2” x 9”, Bottom: 15” x 57-1/2” x 9” and the Threshold stone: 21” x 56” x 6”. Side return pieces(pair) each measure 8” x 23” x 4”


Brownstone Steps- Small Scale

19th century Connecticut. Steps will yield 36”L x 13” tread x 8” rise

$175 choice or $450 all three

Gristmill Ballast Stone

19th Century limestone measures 26” diameter x 6” thick with a 5” x 5” square center hole. The entire outer edge circumference has a 3/8” wide groove. These stones were used on the drive shaft of a gristmill to assist in balance and to reduce “rumble”/vibration.


Circa 1850 LARGE SCALE Brownstone 2 Step Set

Central Massachusetts origin. Top step measures a generous 36” wide x 9’-0” Length x 8” rise. Bottom step measures 19”W x 9’-0”L x 8” rise. Splitting/quill marks were always oriented as shown.

$2,100 Set

RARE 19th Century Wheelwrights/Blacksmiths Jig Stone

Massachusetts origin, concave surface to assemble wagon wheels. I owned one of these over 5 years ago but gave only seen them in museum settings. Measures 6'-10" diameter x 16" thick with a 14" center hole.


Brownstone Tether Block

9” x 9” x 4-1/2” with a 2-1/2” hitching ring. Weighs about 35 pounds


Granite MATCHED PAIR Hitching Posts

Hard to find set. Measure 68”L x 8”x10” at the base and 8” x 8” at the top. Hand forged hitching ring is 2-1/2” diameter.


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Vintage Country Farm Stone Tether

Pleasing tan coloration and smooth patina. Measures 32” x 54” x 11” thick. Hand forged ring is 4” diameter.


Early 19th Century Brownstone Sink

Perfect, museum quality condition in the desirable darker tone color. Measures 23-1/2” x 43-3/4” x 6-1/2” with a 4” deep interior.


Single Quartz Boulder

Measures 24” x 36” x 20”H. Wonderful texture and light color.


Quartz Boulder with Weathervane

Bright white quartz boulder generally measures 3’ x 4’ x 24”H. Folk style iron and tin weathervane which is not freely moving due to extensive outside exposure.


Rose Granite LONG LENGTH Step Stock

The stones are 4’, 5’ and 6’ length with 8” rise x 12” tread.

$40/Linear Foot choice

Vintage Granite Block/Bench

29”W x 5’-6” x 13” tapering to 18” thick. Great eye appeal for a simple item.


Vintage Granite Entry Step/Slab

Country style natural granite slab/step entry for a farm outbuilding as shown. Stone generally measures 7’-6” x 5’-6” x 8” thick. Wonderful lichen covering.


Top Quality Brownstone Steps Pair (SW)

Crisp with soft worn patina. Measure 20” x 49” x 8” each


19th Century Brownstone Fireplace Jambstone Pair (SW)

This size is for a kitchen/keeping room application but can be adapted for a smaller fireplace requirement. These are also called cheek stones and measure 40” H x 24”W x 6” thick. Brownstone lintels and hearths are also offers on this site to complete a reconstruction.


Vintage Brownstone Steps Stock (SW)

Large quantity to choose from presently on hand. Rises are 7”-8” and widths are 12” to 20”.

$60/linear foot

Vintage Brownstone Edging/Veneer Stock (SW)

Consistent 4” thick x 14” wide. 40 linear feet available


18th Century Granite Firebox Cheek Stones(SW)

Two pallets of un-numbered salvaged splayed corner firebox cheek stones for the classic coursed lay-up. To extract these stones takes immense effort. As such, this offering is enough to be able to recreate a large keeping room box and a parlor box. Interior side and back wall materials are not part of this package.


19th Century Brownstone Lintel (SW)

Crisp condition, measures 32”L x 9”Face x 5” thick Wonderful hand tooling.


18th Century Brownstone Hearth (SW)

20” x 41” x 4”. Crisp condition.


Vintage Brownstone Chamfered Ramp/Edging (SW)

Two matching 14”H x 12”W x 56”L and 60L. Suggest door ramp or edging application.


Vintage LARGE SCALE Brownstone Step (SW)

23” x 100” (8’-4”) x 5-1/2”


Vintage Brownstone Blocks (SW)

24” x 34” x 8”. Thirteen available. Tooled on two faces. Ideal for column construction.

$225 each

Vintage Brownstone Blocks (SW)

24” x 24” x 8”. Eight blocks available. Tooled on two faces. Ideal for column construction. 

$175 each 

18th Century Granite Hearthstones (SW)

One stone 22” x 48” x 3” thick (hard to find thickness)


Brownstone Step (SW)

20” x 62” x 7”. Formerly had a boot scraper….see photos


18th Century Granite Kitchen Firebox Lintel (SW)

60”L x 15”W x 5”. Excellent condition.


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Vintage Arched Brownstone Segments (SW)

Measure 12”W x 51”L x 4-1/2” thick. Beaded edge.


19th Century Brownstone Two Step Set with DUAL Bootscrapers (SW)

Quality condition in a rare offering. Each step measures 12” tread width x 8” rise x 6’-6” length. Connecticut origin, which is considered the highest quality brownstone.


Vintage Concrete Ball Finial/Column Caps

Matching pair of nicely worn/weathered architectural elements. They would fit on a column measuring 26” x 26” maximum. The body of each cap measures 30” x 30” x 24” tall overall. No damages or detractors.


Circa 1800 Granite Entry Step

Measures 4’-9” x 4’-0” x 15” thick. Holes from a long gone boot scraper.


Granite Well Cover

Circa 1800 Massachusetts home site. Measures 46” x 48” x 5” with a 15” diameter hole. Nice small scale.


Marble Top Tables

We have several antique marble tops which can be attached to iron bases as shown. Choice of top to selected base will be installed on a custom selection basis. Bases can be painted any color of your choice. Add $45 for custom paint color.


Early 19th Century Granite Step (MTV)

This was installed on a seldom used side entrance to a farm shop building in Eastern Connecticut. Great eye appeal of this natural patina surface. Measures 28” x 58” x 16”. Ideal for bench seating too.


19th Century Granite Shop Entry Stone

From a Circa 1820 basement shop of a Federal gable ended dwelling house. Rose granite coloration. Measures 30” x 48” x 12” thick. Photo shows dry, dusty surface which will wash to become more pronounced.


Circa 1820 Granite Kitchen Firebox

Single splayed side jamb sones each measure 24”W x 48”H x 8”-10” at the thickest portion. The splay portion is 6” wide. Also offered is a matching lintel which measures 19” overall width (13” was exposed) x 63” length x 6” thick.


Unique Natural Landscaping Boulder

20” x 24” x 13”H. Beautiful crevices add to this appealing piece.


19th Century Granite Boulder Style Fence Post Base

28” x 36” x 16”H with 38” long iron rod. Several repurpose or decorative possibilities. Great eye appeal.


Unique Natural “Arrowhead” Stone

36” x 44” x 5”


19th Century Granite Cube

24” x 32” x 24” with fence line rod (29” length)


Country Bird Bath/Basin Stones

From a recently acquired collection. All have gorgeous aged patina appeal. Last photo has labels for each corresponding to the following list and prices:

See full page for sizes and prices

19th Century Granite LARGE SCALE Slab Style Step (PAW-3)

Eastern Connecticut origin. This was a rear step to a circa 1820 house. Mottled top surface. Measures 4’-6” x 8’-6” x 7” thick at one end and 12” thick at the other. Incredible primitive/crude presence.


Early 19th Century Granite Well/Cistern Cover (PAW-2)

RARE FIND……..This was a combination well cover and cistern cover. Incredible presence….measures 48”W x 9’-0”L x 5” thick. Each hole is 22” diameter. I have never seen another in my 40 years in business.


Collectible Vintage Brick #4

Hand made brick with fingerprints as shown. Standard brick size


Collectible Vintage Brick #1

Finger prints imbedded in the soft clay prior to firing. Standard brick size.


Victorian Era Hitching Stone

Rare double ringed. This stone sat along the roadway to a high style Victorian home. Stone measures 10”W x 68”L x 6” thick. Hand forged hitching rings are 3-1/2” diameter.


18th Century Brownstone Sink

Spout sinks represent the earliest form of colonial era “plumbing”. Measures 25” x 37” x 8” thick with a chamfered corner and pitched basin interior. Basin is 3” deep. This sink is Eastern Connecticut origin.


Vintage Large Scale Granite Walkway Edging

These two beauties originally outlined the two edges of a walkway at a high style home in Rhode Island. They match in length at 9’-6” x 24”H x 10” varying thickness.


Granite Cube/Block #1

28” x 36” x 16”H . Rosey granite coloration. Many uses.


Gargantuan Granite Block #1

Massachusetts origin, measures 8’ length x 26” wide x 16”H to center and 12”H to end. Very heavy item which is ideal as a seating centerpiece or could be stood up as a post or wall end for a large scale application.


19th Century Industrial Millstone

Made of limestone, this larger than average diameter stone served in a vertical position on a large, probably wooden shaft. Stone is a healthy 62” diameter x 11” thick. The center hole is 27” diameter and may have been enlarged for use as a well cover.


19th Century Granite Step

Wire cut in a generous, hard to find length 17-1/2”W x 9’-2”L x 9-1/2” H. Two drilled holes at each end as shown does not take away from this stones presence.



Matched pair, each weighs about 25 pounds. Measure 14” x 14” x 2-1/2” Ideal for garden accent or for small animal…….portable ! 3” hand forged hitching ring. 

one left, $145

Circa 1880 Red Clay Hearth/Flooring Tiles

Worn patina, tiles measure 9” x 9” x 1-1/4” 170 pieces available = 95 SFT (tight coverage), spacing adds to coverage.

$9 Each for entire lot
$12 each/select amounts

19th Century Granite Triangular Monolith/Post

Eastern Connecticut origin. Part of the granite foundation of a dwelling house. Pleasing large scale at 82”L x 24”W at the base, tapering to 9” at the top. Overall consistent thickness is 9”. This would make a perfect address stone or garden centerpiece.


19th Century Brownstone Lintel

Perfectly executed draft channel. This is for a parlor firebox. Measures 12”W x 42”L x 9” thick


18th Century Granite Keeping Room Lintel

13”W x 62”L x 6-1/2” thick at the thickest portion.


Vintage Rose Granite Mini Millstone

Wonderful prominent “feather” grinding pattern. Measures 21” diameter x 6” thick.


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Circa 1830 Granite Barn Step

Sutton, Massachusetts origin. Measures 31”W x 6’-6”L x 12” thick. Face tapers slightly. Nice, foot-worn patina.


Rose Granite Fence Posts

Six  matching with opposing saw cut and rock faces. Measure 8” x 8” x 5’-6”L. Two broken pieces are 34” and 40” L 3/4” holes drilled on opposing flat faces as shown. Holes are 6” from post tops. These can easily be installed with holes buried for a no holes installation if desired.

$1,500/Set. Will separate pairs at $600/Pair

Circa 1900-1930 Sandstone Millstone

Excellent condition. Origin Luray, Virginia 43” diameter x generous 13” thick. 4-1/2” square hole. Nice seating item.


Circa 1900-1930 Sandstone Millstone

Utilized for the fine/finish grinding process. Excellent condition. Measures 52” diameter x 10” thick. 4-1/2” square hole. 


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Vintage Marble Bureau/Table Top

Secure to the base of your choice. Measures 42”L x 22” at the widest (mid) section and 19” otherwise. Moulded edge on three sides as shown. Porringer corners.


Marble Round Table Top

Square edged. Measures 28” diameter x 1/2” thick


Vintage Veined Marble Table Top

Secure to the base of your choice. Moulded edge. Measures 25-3/4” x 35”


Vintage Oval Marble Table Top

Secure to the base of your choice. Mounded edge profile. Measures 25” x 34”


Vintage Medallion Style Marble Table Top

Secure this to the base of your choice. Staining will clean Overall measurements are 26” x 38”


Vintage Rectangular Marble Table Top

Sculpted corners. Measures 21-1/2” x 30”


Vintage Marble Top Table/ Cast Iron Base

Pie crust marble top measures 31” diameter. The base is true vintage cast iron. Table height is 29”. The top is presently not secured as other marble table tops are available on this site which will be securely fastened upon choice.


Granite Bench Stone

Natural curve to this pleasing sized stone makes it perfect to set up as a bench Measures 52”L x 15”W x 10”H. “Leg” stones if required are sold separately.


Hand Chiseled Granite Tapered Stone

Ideal for bronze plaque or engraving. Face portion measures 16” x 24”. Tapers from 4” to 10”


Hand Chiseled Granite Tapered Stone

Ideal for bronze plaque or engraving Measures 23-1/2” x 23” face portion. Stone tapers from 4” to 10”


Circa 1875 Stairway Jamb (Sides) Stone Pair

Matched pair in an eye pleasing form. These were the side pieces of a step set but can be used in other applications. Measure generally 80” long overall x 33” W x 10” thick. One side is finished while the other is rock faced.


Circa 1875 Granite Hearthstone

18” W x 56” Length. Stone thickness tapers from 10” at rear to 5” at front 
Nice hand hammered surface. 



Circa 1840 Granite Two Step Set

Western Rhode Island origin, side door entry. 
12”W x 43” x 7” rise and 16”W x 43” x 7” rise 
Originally set up with the wider step on the top but they could be reversed. 

$750.00 Set

19th Century Granite Millstone

From the long gone Chapman Grist Mill in Westbrook, Connecticut Measures 51” diameter x 14” thick with 9” center hole with iron hardware. Slight edge deterioration as is expected of a artifact of this vintage.


Early New England Granite Mortar

This artifact had been part of a 1690’s Preston, Connecticut homestead until about 7 years ago. It measures generally 22” x 18” x 11”H. The pestle shown was not with the mortar but was found locally over 50 years ago and the stone and color do match so it will go with it. 

Rare offering. $1,100

Early 1800’s Brownstone Sink

Preston, Connecticut provenance. Excellent condition with no interior basin spalling common to aged brownstone. Sink measures 25” x 39” x 7” with a generous 4” depth. Radius inside corners and tapered interior sides. This is from an old collection and has been in careful storage and display. 


Vintage Water Worn Bricks

Six antique/vintage standard sized bricks which have been subjected to years of water turbulence/wear. They present well in a garden or other decorative setting. 


Brownstone Slab/Hearth/Step

30” x 88” x 5” Barn whitewash shown will clean/dissipate Nice smooth surface



Vintage Granite Stone Stock

Blocky granite stone material from vintage sites suitable for veneer or other stone construction projects requiring an “aged” look. This is high quality stock that you will not be disappointed with.

$250/Ton ( Local scale available)

Granite Window and Doorway Lintels/Post Stock

Lengths from 6’-6” to 7’ plus x 9”x10” and 10” x 10”

Choice $35/LFT 

Circa 1840 Schist Granite Cistern Cover

From inside a Windsor, Connecticut dwelling house Measures 30” x 33-1/2” overall, hole is 15-1/2” x 17-1/2” Red dust will wash off revealing the color at the bottom of the photo.


18th Century Granite Mortar

From an 18th Century house site in Eastern Connecticut 
Originally situated in a rear door yard wall 
Measures 23” x 46” x 4” thick , bowl measures 7” diameter x 2-1/2” deep 
Not a common offering 



Vintage Grinding Stone

Nice item for a garden setting. This can be laid flat or tilted as shown using the original hardware that is still in place. Measures 2-1/2” thick x 23” diameter


Carriage Wheel Bumper Stone/Bollard

Chamfered edges to "kick" over a wheel if it got too close. 19th Century. Granite finely finished and detailed. 49" overall , the finished portion being 15" x 15"


Vintage Brownstone Cube/Blocks

14" x 14" x 16" average size 

Choice $35.00 each

Sandstone Pulp Wheel

Measures 40" diameter x 23" From upstate New York this was used to mash down pulp wood in the paper making process.


Pennsylvania Brownstone Slab #2

From a 19th century barn foundation Measures 24" x 67" x 5" Match to other listing, whitewashed but will easily clean


19th Century Schist Granite Well Cover

Great for patio setting due to it's perfectly smooth surface. Measures 47" x 68" x 3-1/2" with a 22" hole--great patina !!


Bluestone Well Cover



Teardrop or Pendant Stone

This is a natural find. Beautiful symmetry and texture. Measures 9-1/4”L x 4-1/4”W x 1” thick. Front and back views shown.


"Pizza Stone”- All Natural

Measures 8-1/2” L x 6”W x 1-1/2” thick This is an all natural find. Has a “crust”. Shown with different backgrounds (front and back) for your scrutiny. UNIQUE !!!


Early 18th Century Granite Lintel (L)

57"L x 16" face x 8" thick Crude/early appearance because it is !!


Granite Threshold Stones

These were in the doorways of most 19th century city buildings whether they were made of brick or stone. We have 12 of these in varying sizes most in the 4'-6"L x 13"W x 10" Thick range

Choice $175.00 each
Two larger matching measure 56"L x 19"W x 8" thick Choice $250.00 each

Circa 1830 Granite Parlor Fire Box Set (L)*

Two solid splayed side "cheek" stones each measure 32-1/2" H X 16" deep x 6" thick Matching lintel measures 41-1/2"L x 12" Face x 5" thick *Hearthstone not included but some are listed on this site


Granite Capping or Step Stock

We have hundreds of linear feet of this circa 1830-1850 vintage granite foundation stone. They average 16-18" in width and 7"-8" in thickness. Lengths from 2' to 10'.

Select $50/linear foot

Contemporary Granite Steps

1) 48-1/2" x 13" x 6" $150
2) 53-1/2" x 12" x 6" $150
3) 54-1/2" x 12" x 6" $150
4) 59-1/2" x 15" x 7" $200

Available for purchase separately or all four for $550.00


Large Scale Pair Granite Step Slabs

Slightly irregular but tasteful shape for stepping stones Generally measure 4' x 5' overall x 5"-6" thick Tan/light brown coloration

$425.00 Pair


Granite Cube/Lintel Blocks

Crisp surfaces circa 1920. Sixteen pieces total13 of the blocks are 10" x 12" (lengths listed): 40", 46", 40", 46", 43", 43", 46", 46", 29", 40", 44", 44", 40"3 of the blocks are 12" x 12" x 46", 29" and 46"

Entire 60 LFT $2,400.00 OR $200.00 each select

Antique Brownstone Three Sided Decorative Elements (Pair)
30"L   x  16" W   x 5-1/2" thick
Nicely hand tooled for an imaginative adaptive re-use

Antique Brownstone Cap or Pedestal Bases (Matching Pair) 
Your imagination for the re-use of these two matching architectural elements:
11"Wide   x   35"L   x   6"  tapers to 3" over 14" of the 35"L  (See photos)
Nice crisp quality.
$245.00 Pair

Antique Limestone Window Sill 
(Name/Address Stone)

The original use of this stone was as a windowsill in a stone gristmill. Stood upright, as in the photos, it would make a great garden accent, or name/address stone for your country estate.
$250.00 each

Granite (Schist) Well Cover
49"  X  54"  X  20" Hole  (generally 4" thick)



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